Monday, June 8, 2009

Total Weight Loss and Measurements

I have to say this is going to be the hardest things to post...
My actual starting weight and totals.
I am so disgusted with my self, and that I let my self get to this point..
But I can't look back and I have to be honest and forth coming with my self so here it goes..

Kari's Weight Loss total = 48 lbs
Starting weight - 359lbs 4-30-09
Surgery Weight - 317lbs 5-06-09
Currant weight - 235lbs 2-25-11
Goal Weight - 165lbs Pending 70 more to go

Kari's Measurements
Neck = 16 - 5/06/09 * 14 - 6/06/09 * 13 - 7/15/09*12 - 2/25/2011
Chest = 56 - 5/06/09 * 52 - 6/06/09 * 50 - 7/15/09 *44 - 2/25/2011
Waist = 50 - 5/06/09 * 48 - 6/06/09 * 45.5 - 7/15/2009*38 - 2/25/2011
Hips = 59 - 5/06/09 * 56 - 6/06/09 * 55 - 7/15/2009 * 42 - 2/25/2011

So, I will update this post as new weigh in's and measurements occur.
But this is what it is so far. Boy, it is hard to post this,
but I know that it will be getting smaller smaller each month.
I am working on 165 by my 40th Birthday in July 2011.


  1. That is SO cool! How are you feeling? Have you had any pain or discomfort? I hope not. Love you

  2. Wow, Kari! I am so impressed by you and what you have chosen to do with this! I am very proud of you, my friend! And I will be cheering for you every step of the way! Know you have support and a friend with you here, even if you falter I know you can do it and you know you can do it!!

    You go girl!!

  3. Go Kari! I am proud of you. Life is too short to be miserable. I am praying for you and cheering for you.

  4. Thanks everyone, You don't even know how much it means to me. I have really wondered, what will happen and if I could do this. It has been a very hard 4 weeks. But I am taking it one day at a time and I know I will succeed. Thanks to you all and your loving support.

  5. Hi Kari! I found your blog from a post on LBT and just wanted to say hi! We started at practically the same weight! I love this blog community of bandits!