Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exersice...A love hate relationship

Ok, Ok so my Dr says I need to do 30 min's of exercise per day, I have only been doing this faithfully for the last 2 weeks..(I used the excuse that I was still recovering the first 2 weeks).

So, what have I been doing? well, each day has been differant, as I try to find the right amount, and a routine that works for me. With Lupus I get tired very easy so, I still have to be very carefull so that I don't cause a Flare. I reasearched and the lowsest impact exersice is Water Aerobics so I have been going to a water aerobic class every Mon & Wednesday Night from 9 - 10pm.

Now, I have to say the first time I went, I went to the Arthritis class and it was a little to low impact for me..So, I went to the Aqua fit class and it kicked my butt the first night.

Last night was Monday, and I thought I would try the earlier class, it is the Deep Water class.
I thought the aqua fit class was bad. I got my butt royally kicked with the Deep water class.
That was a major workout. So it looks like I need to change my routine and add this class into my week. and as for the other days.... I have been doing the yoga ball and band stretches in the mornings. Now with summer I think Kaeslyn and I will be going to the gym and I will be adding some treadmill walking and some weight training to my weeek. But as for now I think this month I will stick to the ball, bands and water aerobics.

This is what my June exersice routine will be for now..

Monday - Yoga ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Aqua class ~ 9-10pm

Tuesday - Yoga Ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Deep Water Class - 8-9pm

Wednesday - Yoga Ball and Bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Aqua Class ~ 9-10pm

Thursday - Yoga Ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Deep Water Class - 8-9pm

Friday - Yoga Ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Evening walk with my Husband or Kids
(starting with 1 mile and will increase)

Saturday - Morning Deep Water Class 8-9am

Sunday - Evening walk with Steve and or Kids

Well, that is my plan lets see how it plays out...

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  1. Excellent! I'm sure it is a hard adjustment but I'm sure as your strength increases you'll find your niche and a routine that works for you. WAY TO GO KARI! Good Luck!