Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doing better today..

So I went to CJ's Baseball game last night and then after the game, the whole family went to the aquatic center to go swimming. And Steve and Kaeslyn joined me for the 8-9pm Deep Water Class.

It was great, they had in there minds that it was going to be a piece of cake and easy to do.
And as we continued through the class it got harder and harder and they were breathing harder and harder and I just smiled.

Steve was having a hard time with the legs and was using his arms more then his legs, and Kaeslyn was taking breaks every now and then.. to be honest I had a sense of great accomplishment because I was not struggling like they were and stayed at the same pace through out the whole 60 min's. I am loving the water aerobics more and more each day.

This morning I am not as sore and I think if I just keep up the classes everyday I think I will get more strength. I know I can do this and I just have to keep pushing along.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling it today...

So I woke up this morning, to find my self very nauseated lightheaded and extremely dizzy.
My headache is at a 7-8 today so I wasn't sure if everything has something to do with my headache or the fill...

Well, I went to drink some water this morning and my nausea got worse and it kinda came back up a bit. So I think it has to do with the fill. Along with me over doing it last night to. I think my headache increase today has to do with my exercise last night.. I might have over done it, Because I went to the Deep water class and the aqua fit class... so, I worked out from 8 - 10 pm.. I think it just might have done me in today.... So now I know, I can only handle 1 class at a time. LOL.

Looks like it will be a lazy day today, until the headache subsides and I can walk with out spinning. I am laying back in bed as I type this..Gotta love Laptops.

Exersice...A love hate relationship

Ok, Ok so my Dr says I need to do 30 min's of exercise per day, I have only been doing this faithfully for the last 2 weeks..(I used the excuse that I was still recovering the first 2 weeks).

So, what have I been doing? well, each day has been differant, as I try to find the right amount, and a routine that works for me. With Lupus I get tired very easy so, I still have to be very carefull so that I don't cause a Flare. I reasearched and the lowsest impact exersice is Water Aerobics so I have been going to a water aerobic class every Mon & Wednesday Night from 9 - 10pm.

Now, I have to say the first time I went, I went to the Arthritis class and it was a little to low impact for me..So, I went to the Aqua fit class and it kicked my butt the first night.

Last night was Monday, and I thought I would try the earlier class, it is the Deep Water class.
I thought the aqua fit class was bad. I got my butt royally kicked with the Deep water class.
That was a major workout. So it looks like I need to change my routine and add this class into my week. and as for the other days.... I have been doing the yoga ball and band stretches in the mornings. Now with summer I think Kaeslyn and I will be going to the gym and I will be adding some treadmill walking and some weight training to my weeek. But as for now I think this month I will stick to the ball, bands and water aerobics.

This is what my June exersice routine will be for now..

Monday - Yoga ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Aqua class ~ 9-10pm

Tuesday - Yoga Ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Deep Water Class - 8-9pm

Wednesday - Yoga Ball and Bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Aqua Class ~ 9-10pm

Thursday - Yoga Ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Deep Water Class - 8-9pm

Friday - Yoga Ball and bands ~ Mornings for 30 mins
Evening walk with my Husband or Kids
(starting with 1 mile and will increase)

Saturday - Morning Deep Water Class 8-9am

Sunday - Evening walk with Steve and or Kids

Well, that is my plan lets see how it plays out...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Total Weight Loss and Measurements

I have to say this is going to be the hardest things to post...
My actual starting weight and totals.
I am so disgusted with my self, and that I let my self get to this point..
But I can't look back and I have to be honest and forth coming with my self so here it goes..

Kari's Weight Loss total = 48 lbs
Starting weight - 359lbs 4-30-09
Surgery Weight - 317lbs 5-06-09
Currant weight - 235lbs 2-25-11
Goal Weight - 165lbs Pending 70 more to go

Kari's Measurements
Neck = 16 - 5/06/09 * 14 - 6/06/09 * 13 - 7/15/09*12 - 2/25/2011
Chest = 56 - 5/06/09 * 52 - 6/06/09 * 50 - 7/15/09 *44 - 2/25/2011
Waist = 50 - 5/06/09 * 48 - 6/06/09 * 45.5 - 7/15/2009*38 - 2/25/2011
Hips = 59 - 5/06/09 * 56 - 6/06/09 * 55 - 7/15/2009 * 42 - 2/25/2011

So, I will update this post as new weigh in's and measurements occur.
But this is what it is so far. Boy, it is hard to post this,
but I know that it will be getting smaller smaller each month.
I am working on 165 by my 40th Birthday in July 2011.

1 Month Out

So, It has been 1 month and 2 days since surgery. And I have had my ups and downs.
Headaches are still there, some days are better then others. But I am off my Diamox med and things have been going pretty good. The headaches without diamox are manageable.

Today is was my first follow up appt with my Dr. and he gave me a what is called a fill today.
I have a 11cc band (meaning it will hold 11cc's of fluid) after surgery there was no fluid in the band so they added 5 cc's of fluid today. I am have more restriction today. What this means is when I eat now it sits in my small stomach longer and keeps me full for longer periods of time.

The fill went pretty good. I was starving before I went in for the fill today.. Needless to say I was looking forward to getting the fill and having that restriction again. And after having the fill I fill that restriction again. I had some tuna fish for lunch today and before I could eat 4 oz of food and still feel hungry today I had 1 oz of tuna and I was full. So it looks like it is working.

The process was not to bad, but I can't lie there was some pain more then I thought there would be when my Dr. put the needle in to find the port. The needle was really long and thin and once he finally found the port fill spot it went really fast.. But the poking around and missing was painful can't lie.

Well I thought I would post some before and after images these are 1 month out. The images are not the best but it gives you some Idea of what kind of progress I am doing. I know I am wearing black. But I wanted to have the same pants and color from the before. next month I will try to change it up... My family says I am doing really good. And that they can see such a difference, But I am still struggling with not seeing much success.. I do feel the clothes being looser, and I do see some difference but, in my eyes I wish there was more of a difference and more success.
But here is the pictures... Keep In Mind I still have my Lupus and so my skin is always going to be red with sores. It sucks.. I can only wish that the Lupus would go away with all this..

Here is close up of my face, the before picture on this one was the night before surgery, and I promise going forward I will smile more in my pictures. But for now I have a solemn face. I always have a headache so my skin shows that all the time..Steve always uses it as his gauge to how bad my headaches are.. Like, ok she is only slightly red today, or oh she is fire engine red better watch out. : )