Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Full length Image for July 2009

July 15, 2009 I did this shirt because it use to me tight on my arms and around my belly, but now it is getting to big for me and just hangs on me. And the pants use to be stretch pants on me and are now loose. So for me this is a huge improvement. Kinda Fun to see and feel.

And look I am smiling.. Are you proud of me? : )


  1. YEAH! Keep smiling - you are beautiful! Congrats on the loose feel to those clothes - - sounds like progress feels great! LOVE YOU!

  2. Oh how wonderful ! this is exciting to watch !
    I loved the close up pictures of the changes in your face the best ! You have always been such a beautiful woman and person Kari ! It delights me to see you enjoying your journey... I need to use my pool more... I had forgot about water aerobics !

    I "gained" weight this month..... ugh...

    Answer this question for me....
    How does eating a 1lb chocolate bar in one day turn into 10lbs of weight gain in a week ? hee hee hee.... sigh.....

    Keep it up girl ! Hugs, Kathleen

  3. Welcome back! That shirt is not GETTING too big on is already too big! I bet if you got something that was a little more form fitting to your body you could see the difference even more! You are looking great! Keep smiling!

  4. Success is the biggest motivator! Keep it going! I'm very inspired!