Friday, July 17, 2009

First night of 20 Year Reunion..

Well Tonight was the Alumni Social at the High School in Bountiful. (Bountiful High School)
I still can't believe that that is has been 20 years. I have posted just a couple of picture from tonight. These were my dear friends growing up. I'm still having a hard time looking at pictures if my self.. And next to these skinny minnies makes me look even larger and this is when I dont see the weight loss as much. Aaah just kills me.
Anyway had to do a shout out about these wonferful woman.. Oh and YES I am the only one that is a Grandma (Grandparent) of the whole class. : )

From Left to Right
Tracy (Pledger) Clemmons, Me, Sandi (Christianson) , (Jaymi Ranck) Vocual, Carolee (Flygard)

This is Peggie Hall, her and I hung out together the whole time. I would consider her my best friend in High School. This is the first time seeing and talking to her since High School. Isn't that sad that we lost touch with each other. I could just hit my self for not keeping better in touch with her.


  1. I'm dieing for updates! How are you doing? What is your status now? It has been five weeks since you last posted so I hope you are doing okay. You are my inspiration so I check up on you frequently! Love you

  2. So fun to get to go to your reunion! Don't worry about those skinny minnies!!!! You are doing awesome and making great progress! Keep it up! Hugs

  3. Your photos showing you, through the months, really shows how much you have lost! You look fantastic! Now, I want to apologize for my double entry as a new follower. I had attempted to add my photo & it wouldn't work, so I tried it again a second time, still didn't work! Finally, my husband told me how to do it. Unfortunately, I am unable to delete the extra one!

  4. I was just thinking about you and hoping all is going well. xoxoxo