Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday May 11th - 1st week after

Well, it has been 5 days since my surgery and things have been going pretty good. I am finally able to add cottage cheese, skim milk and creamy soups to my diet. My first serving of cottage cheese was such a treat..and having soup and string cheese has also been a treat. It is still a HUGE adjustment to eating only 2 oz. of food per meal. I have been reading up on new soup recipes that I can make, and enjoy which has been fun, But also has been frustrating because I have been finding other recipes that I just can't ave yet and they sound SOO good.
(still working on the brain hunger)
I am still really sore on my left side.. I have been trying to sleep on my side but so far my right side is the only one that doesnt hurt when I turn. It still hurts to sit up and sit straight up for long periods of time. Headaches had increased some since surgery, but I have been managing. I went to church yesterday, C.J was giving a talk he was asked to talk on Mothers..For Mother's Day... so how could I miss that.! It was a wonderful talk I am so proud of him.. I felt very loved.

I am dragging a little bit today, think I just did a little to much yesterday with it being Mother's Day and all. But I plan on taking a walk tonight with Steve and the dogs and hope to go to the Aquatic center tomorrow to start doing water aerobics.. I am looking forward to that.

I also weighed my self last night since the surgery and I have lost another 17 pounds so I am at a total loss of 29 pounds. So that is great news. I know that weighing yourself is not a good thing to do all the time so I will only be weighing in once a week and doing measurements once a month, for starters and hope that will keep me motivated to loose. I am looking forward to next sunday and see how things go.

I hope to manage my headaches better this week. Today has been a doosy thanks to the Liquid Lortab.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Kari,

    Thanks for the invite. I know how hard the journey to health can be. Although I haven't had to face all that you have, weight has always beeen a challenge for me requiring consistent effort and attention. I have had many roller coasters on a smaller scale my whole life. I believe in you, and I know that once balance is reached, it can bring so much more happiness and energy to serve those we love and care about. I will enjoy following your journey to be a cheerleader for you. YOU GO GIRL!

  2. were in so much pain and to go listen to your boy---you have such a mother-heart! I am sorry you're in the 'pain-stage' - - hang in there! It looks so tender! But dreaming of the new tomorrow should be bright and keep you filled with hope! LOVE YOU!

  3. Thanks girls, I appreciaite all you support. It means so much to have your words of encouragement. Love you.